Friday, February 13, 2009


...for the phone to ring, praying that I can wake myself up. In approximately 12 minutes, a rep from ASKnow is going to be giving me a ring to see if I'm a good recruit for their company.

Thus far, the company has been very efficient - responding immediately to our applications, and giving us the details on what was to come. Only a few days ago I applied, and here I am, already preparing myself to face my possible future.

Should be interesting :)



The interview went really well! I've been approved and have been told that I should expect a July departure date. That's AWESOME.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

teensy update...

We have OFFICIALLY sent off our passport applications today! :D And THEN, we applied through Asknow (job placement agency) so we are well on our way to receiving jobs....

Just sayin'.....

Cheerios and Fruit Loops!


Monday, February 9, 2009

More Passport Adventures....

And I, friends, must provide a minor correction. Though according to the Passport people (and Katie) my picture might be "perfect on the first try," the actual photo speaks an entirely different language. AKA: hair sticking out on top on one side and on the bottom on the other side. Anyone not understanding how utterly ridiculous this looks (in combination with the depressed "I hate you, but I'm not a terrorist" look), can come find me and ask to see my photo. It's pretty amusing.

My own journey towards applying for a passport has been one with some minor heart stoppages but nothing too life-threatening. I am referring to the moment, over Christmas Break, where I asked my mom where my Canadian citizenship card was (because I am not a native Canadian). She searched for it among all of her and dad's important papers twice and could not find it, resulting in questions such as "am I an illegal immigrant?" or "how have I lived in Canada for twenty-two years but not be Canadian?" or "will I be deported back to Belize?" ...and then my mom responding to the latter question: "would that be so bad? At least it would be warm down there!" Indeed, mom, it would be....but it wouldn't be quite the type of travelling I had in mind....

Long story short, the card was found and, with my Belizean passport and citizenship card in hand, I was able to fill out my application for a Canadian passport, get my photos taken and I am officially sending it all off tomorrow....or the day after (you know--the life of a student)....

And then me and the lovely Katie will be doing our job applications--as she has already mentioned in her post. However, I am a little behind her in that arena and should be looking up some of the sites myself!!

Until my next update folks, cheerio!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recruitment Agencies and Passport Pictures

It's becoming increasingly difficult to decide which recruitment agency to apply with... there are so many options. Park English has been recommended to me a few times, as has ASKnow and Sky's Center . They all have their pros and cons - Park English is a pretty well known and established company, ASKnow is Canadian and has some pretty solid references and credentials, and Sky (the lady who runs Sky's Center), is apparently a lovely Christian woman who is very helpful (according to some friends over in Korea).

Whichever one I (we) choose to go with promises to be an important gateway for our adventure.

We're nearing the date of applications - for both recruiters and passport people. I have set the record for the number of pictures taken and rejected by the Shopper's passport people. Apparently my forehead shines too much to be taken seriously by Passport Canada. After 3 attempts and two trips to the make-up counter to 'tone down my inner glow', I was ready. The flash snapped, and there it was. My passport picture - in all it's pride and glory. Too bad the crazy thing looks so depressing. I wish they'd let you smile.

As a sidenote - Jen's picture turned out 'perfect' on her first try :) Way to be photogenic my friend!


Friday, February 6, 2009

In the beginning...

... was the blog. We've just spent the past hour or so trying to figure out how to use this 'blog' thing. After a trip to Tims (Mountain Road), we have gotten ourselves pumped up on caffeine and dreams of Korea.

We've decided to keep a blog of our many experiences throughout the course of our adventures - from the very beginning to the ...end? So this should be a pretty good account of all the crazy procedures, trials, and excitements.

Both Jen and I (Kate) are going to be posting on here, so we're going to be offering two different perspectives, and a wide variety of random thoughts. It should be quite fun.

Feel free to contribute by commenting, asking questions, and sending us emails at our awesome new joint email account (!

~*~ Kate

The above picture: Jen (left) and Kate (right)